WEBER KRESS INDUSTRIES is proud to be the first panel builder certified UL508A in eastern France for a greater proximity with your needs and for assisting you on all world markets.

Your advantage in North America

UL Certification is the reference standard in the electricity sector in the USA and Canada. More than a single certification, it is a real benefit for your business development in North America.

With this agreement, WEBER KRESS INDUSTRIES is formally authorized to provide a two-in-one service: an electrical cabinet in full compliance with American and Canadian standards delivered with its certification.


By opting for WEBER KRESS INDUSTRIES to make your UL electrical cabinets and switchboards, you make the choice of the efficiency by…

  • Saving your time: your panel builder is your single contact for providing the electrical cabinet and the certification.
  • Controlling your budget: you will no longer have to bear the significant extra cost of one-off certifications made by external accreditation agencies.